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Safety: What we wish adults knew...

March 16, 2019

I wish Adults knew that safety today has a different face than the one they had when they were my age.

Today, my safety feels like it comes more from the inner part of me. My safety requires emotional support. If I voice that I don’t feel safe for some particular reason, I would like to be heard and respected. I want to be welcomed and sometimes, I need to judge the situation in order to feel safe. I also want to address that even though we are youths, the validity of our voices should be equal to those of our elders.

My safety is a state of mind where my beliefs are respected and my opinions valid. A place of kindness and compassion, loyalty and trust, and honesty.

I wish adults understood that there are more and more ways safety can be broken nowadays.

Almost everyone from earlier generations believe that we youths are just “SENSITIVE” and looking for attention, and they CHOOSE not to DIVE DEEPER into the conflicts to find a solution

I wish that adults would ask the right questions when it comes to youth's safety!

Understand it’s not a teen thing

You might have gone through similar thing but it is not the same

It’s part of my book

I have to make my own mistake but it doesn’t mean I don’t need you

I can take on more than you think

I need to think on my own

I need to learn

I would like your guidance but it’s not necessary

I ask you to respect my chapter

Let me make my own story