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What is the Summit?

The Arts Amplifying Youth Summit is a vibe! Its is a place where young people (12-24) come to connect, create and claim their place as leaders. We use the arts to share our experiences and raise awareness of the world as youth see it. We challenge the issues that directly impact us and amplify our voices to inspire the changes we know we need. The summit is where we celebrate and share. Each year we work together to create an exciting experience that is for us and by us! we invite you to the party! You will spend the day engaged in creative workshops, arts activities, games, performances and so much more!

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Our theme this year is Common(Unity). We have 7 workshops created and led by our incredible 2020 leadership collective. We will explore identity, leadership and ways to find where you belong. With visual art, poetry, dance and culinary art! community has never been more delicious

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connect safely with others

Games and Prizes


Dope Art and activities

Candy, and lots of it!

AAY! is committed to safety, Learn more about our COVID safety plan below

AAY! Summit In-person

Art Amplifying Youth has long been the safe space young people have come to rely on; this is where they can show up in their fullness and find communities with people like themselves. This year presented a huge challenge to the way we show up and take care of each other. Since March, we have been meeting via Zoom to ensure the safety of every one. We had postponed our Summit twice, prioritizing our commitment to youth social-emotional and physical well-being. We finally feel like we are at a place where we can host our Summit in-person SAFELY and at a much smaller scales than usual.

Here is what to expect when you arrive on Oct. 17th:

  • We will be outside with plenty of space for everyone to be more than 6ft apart.

  • We will take everyone temperature and screen for COVID symptoms

  • We ask that everyone wear face covering (we will provide them)

  • There will be hand-washing stations and plenty of hand sanitizer at each work station

  • We have limited the total participant to 35 people for the entire day

  • You will be placed in a cohort (a group) of 7 people max and will not inter-mingle with other people from a different cohort

  • You will be supplied with personal art materials to limit shared touch points

  • Each area of activities will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected after each group

  • We will follow all safety guidelines provided by the CDC and the SD County health officials.

  • If you are still not sure about participating in-person, check out our virtual event on Oct. 18th

AAY! Summit Online

Ensuring young people's physical, social, and emotional wellbeing is always our top priority. Access to arts and creativity is part of that important mission. In a year as challenging as 2020, we are eager to offer youth an outlet to express themselves and build community - even through Zoom!

We are committed to offering you a unique experience virtually, comparable to the in-person event. Since March, our team has spent a lot of time and energy working on making the Zoom space exciting and creative for ourselves. We are looking forward to guiding you through an Art Amplifying Youth experience that will take the worst part of 2020 (being stuck at home for long stretch of time) and turn it into our Common Unity (the thing that reassures you that we have your back!)

Did we mention we will provide all the art materials you will need to have a fun time?

Materials can be picked up on Oct. 17th at the Writerz Blok between 9:30am and 4:30pm or distributed through our local CYD partners. Be sure to check out the list of workshops below so you know what to expect!

About the Writerz Blok

"What began as a unique approach to prevent vandalism in southeastern San Diego is now one of the country’s most innovative youth art programs. Writerz Blok is about education, opportunity, and leadership through programs in muralism, screen printing, urban art, and disc jockey training."

Writerz Blok is the first legal graffiti art park in the nation. Offering over 10,000 sq. ft. of paintable walls, it is free to the public to bring their creativity and paint. The art park attracts an average of more than 500 youth, artists, community members, and visitors each month. Artists from all over the world come to leave their legacy on the walls and share their knowledge with the youth. Young artists come because it encourages artistic exploration in a safe, gang-neutral environment.

The Yard has been showcased as a backdrop in photo shoots for music producers, dance crews, magazines, fashion schools, and the San Diego Police Department. The photos have been used on magazine covers, spreads, cases, and posters. Recently it has also been discovered by MTV and film producers for its urban art appeal.

For more information about the Writerz Blok, visit www.writerzblok.com